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Setting up your knowledge base

How to configure your Help Center for success

Organizing knowledge base content Promoted article

You can organize your knowledge base content into categories and sections and manage the order of those categories and sections. You must be a Guide Manager to add and edit sections and categories. Adding a category to your knowledge bas...

By Vera Yang

Moving and reordering sections and articles

As your Help Center grows, you may find that you need to move existing sections from one category to another, or move articles from one section to another. Moving a section to a different category You can to move an existing section from...

By Jess Bezos

Viewing and restoring archived articles

You can access a complete list of your archived articles. You can restore an article from your archived list if you want to make it available again in your knowledge base. You must be a Guide Manager to view and restore archived articles...

By Jess Bezos

Updating articles in bulk

From an articles list, you can update one or more articles at once using the bulk actions options. For example, you can publish a batch of articles at once or add a labels to several articles. You can make the following updates using bul...

By Vera Yang

Using labels on your articles

Labels are a single word or a multiple word phrase you can add to the default language version of a specific article in Help Center. You can use labels to influence article search relevance, to influence Answer Bot results (if you are us...

By Tom Cook

Importing Google Docs as articles

You can import Google Docs into your Guide knowledge base. You can import up to 100 docs at a time. This is a great way to add new content or migrate existing content to your knowledge base. When you import a Google doc, there is no conn...

By Tom Cook