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Setting up Answer Bot

How to set up and start using Answer Bot

Understanding how Answer Bot works

How does Answer Bot process natural language? Answer Bot is powered by Artificial Intelligence which means that it is able to mimic human behavior. Answer Bot uses natural language processing (NLP) to read every article in your help cent...

By Will Gates

Understanding where you can use Answer Bot

Answer Bot functionality is available in a number of Zendesk products and integrations. This article is a guide to all the ways you can use Answer Bot, and where to find more information on adding it to your toolbox. Answer Bot in the Kn...

By Tom Cook

Using Answer Bot with web forms

When a user submits a support request through a web form on your Help Center, Answer Bot can immediately suggest links to potentially relevant knowledge base articles. Understanding the end user experience With Answer Bot enabled on your...

By Jess Bezos

Using labels in Answer Bot triggers

You can use labels to help with targeting for your Answer Bot triggers. Adding labels to your Answer Bot triggers is optional. Labels enable you to specify a limited subset of articles that you want to search within. Without labels, Ans...

By Vera Yang

Setting up Answer Bot triggers, views and workflows

Figuring out the best way to set up Answer Bot triggers, automations, views, and tags can be confusing for a lot of users. Basic tagging Basic tagging is important for almost all configurations and best practices for Answer Bot. To allow...

By John Smith

Analyzing your Answer Bot activity

Zendesk Explore features a pre-built dashboard to help you monitor your Answer Bot activity and article effectiveness. The dashboard can help you identify if Answer Bot is solving your support requests, how quickly users are opening sugg...

By Jess Bezos