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Adding visually engaging elements to content

Capture your visitor’s interest and communicate more effectively

Increasing engagement with icons Promoted article

Instead of bloating our themes with extra font files containing icons that you may or may not use, we inline SVG icons which offer better page load performance and improved accessibility over font-based icon systems. Zendesk’s default Co...

By John Smith

Drawing attention to information with call outs

A great way to highlight important aspects of your content is to use callouts. These are typically expressed as tips or notes, though the specific language used should be consistent with your company’s brand. This is an example of a s...

By John Smith

Getting technical with code blocks

The <code> and <pre> elements are for displaying inline and multiline blocks of code. Usage Use the <code> element for inline code snippets. The push() method adds one or more elements to the end of an array and returns the new length o...

By John Smith

Adding figures and images to articles

Use the <figure> element to display self-contained content, like illustrations, images, photos or code. For image-specific styles, refer to the Images page. Usage Use the <figcaption> element to display a caption for a given <figure>. ...

By John Smith

Customizing list styles

Use .list-unstyled to remove the default styling from <ol> and <ul> elements. List item List item List item <ul class="list-unstyled"> <li>List item</li> <li>List item</li> <li>List item</li> </ul> Use .list-item to add a...

By Tom Cook

Emphasizing points with block and pull-quotes

Blockquotes Use <blockquote> for quoting blocks of content from another source within your document. Success is not defined by the ability to have no complaints, it is defined by the ability to deal with them. Mikkel Svane in Startupl...

By Vera Yang

Organizing information in tables

Tables are useful for layouts where text needs to be positioned side-by-side or floating at specific locations on the page. If making these is frustrating with the usual layout tools, try using a table. Standard table Use .table with a <...

By John Smith

Creating beautiful content with text styles

You can make the font size of a paragraph of text larger by giving it a class name of font-size-xl using the Source Code editor when editing an article. This can be used to emphasize a point or summarize the content of the article. This ...

By John Smith