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Customizing your theme

How to bring your company brand to the forefront

Using Google fonts in your theme Promoted article

The following steps allow you to take advantage of the large range of custom fonts offered by Google. Navigate to in your browser to access the font library. The Google Fonts directory If you know the type of font t...

By Will Gates

Branding your Help Center

You can change the look-and-feel of the Help Center using theme setting controls including color pickers and font choosers. For example, you can change the logo, colors and fonts to bring your Help Center into line with your company’s br...

By Vera Yang

Editing CSS and JavaScript

You can customize your Help Center’s stylesheet and add your own custom JavaScript code. For tips, tricks and other helpful resources, refer to the following articles: Help Center community tips Help Center CSS cookbook Help Center Java...

By Will Gates

Editing and compiling styles using Sass

When editing theme styles you can update the style.css file directly, either through Zendesk Guide or locally using your favourite code editor. Alternatively, you can work with the Sass source files directly, which requires that you re-c...

By Will Gates

Using your own theme assets

You can upload assets, such as images and files, to any of your Help Center themes. Uploading an asset for your theme You can upload assets such as images and files to the Help Center. The assets are stored in a web cache in a cloud deli...

By Will Gates

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