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Managing Community posts

Managing community posts

You can edit, move, or delete community posts, as well as edit or delete comments on community posts. You can also take a number of actions on the post or comment. The user interface described in this article is based on the default Cope...

By John Smith

Allowing agents to edit and delete posts

All signed-in users can add posts to community topics. Only Guide managers, and users with moderator rights, can edit and delete posts by default. A Guide manager can allow agents to edit or delete posts in select community topics. This...

By Will Gates

Customizing status icons for posts

The community features are wonderful, especially the post actions. However, what happens when the default actions aren’t exactly what you are looking for? Currently there is no way to add or modify the actions that are available, but wit...

By Jess Bezos

Viewing community moderator activity

Guide managers can see all community activity in moderation activities. This is a view of all actions taken by community moderators, as well as any actions taken by the community itself. For example, you can see if posts have been approv...

By Tom Cook

Analyzing community activity

You can monitor activity data for your community using in the Reporting dashboard in Support. Statistics include the number of posts created, how many users have viewed posts, and the total number of votes, subscriptions, and comments. Y...

By Jess Bezos