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Customizing CSAT

Understanding CSAT

Your customers can provide feedback about their support experience by rating their solved tickets. When you enable CSAT (customer satisfaction ratings), end-users receive an email 24 hours after the ticket has been set to solved that ask...

By John Smith

Displaying satisfaction ratings in the Help Center

You can display satisfaction ratings in your Help Center. This lets you show quick statistics based on your last 100 satisfaction ratings. The following data is shown: Number of positive ratings Number of negative ratings Overall score ...

By Vera Yang

Customizing your customer satisfaction survey

One of Zendesk Support’s most popular features is the built-in customer satisfaction survey. Customer satisfaction allows you to track how well your agents and customer service organization as a whole are performing on a ticket by ticket...

By John Smith

Using CSAT

Enabling customer satisfaction ratings By default, customer satisfaction ratings is disabled. You must be an administrator to enable it. You can also enable satisfaction reasons, which allow you to add a follow-up question to negative su...

By Jess Bezos

Working with satisfaction reasons

Applying satisfaction reasons to ticket views You can create a ticket view to organize tickets by the satisfaction reason given, or to look tickets with a negative response and no satisfaction reason given. The reasons included in your s...

By John Smith
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Enabling and customizing satisfaction reasons

Customer satisfaction rating surveys allow you to measure how happy your customers are with the services you provide. Inevitably, you’re going to receive a less-than-glowing response (rare as it may be). You can learn about the issues be...

By Tom Cook
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